About Shepherd Boy Farms

Our Story

Shepherd Boy Farms has long been a high-quality supplier for some of the best meat in the US. For years we raised and sold meat all of the country. However, one day we brought home our sweet dog and realized that there just weren’t companies out there for pets that had the same quality we hold for ourselves as a farm. How could we feed our dog anything less than the best? That is when we decided to put our farm practice, knowledge and skills to work for all dogs and cats around the world.

From there we set out to raise the bar for pet manufactures with our high-quality products!

At Shepherd Boy Farms, we make all of our products in house. Our concept is simple: Provide top-quality food for our pets from farm to table. Farm-fresh, nutrient-packed food at affordable prices was our mission when we started the farm years ago and still is today. Our pets deserve the BEST and we want your pets to enjoy that as well.