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Health Benefits of Eating Goat Meat

“Goat meat is predicted to be one of the most trendiest food items in 2017,” according to an article on Worldwide, it’s the fifth most-consumed meat, with chicken being next in line, and for good reason.

With only 2 grams of fat per serving, chevon, or goat meat, is much healthier, leaner, and contains fewer calories and less cholesterol than most other lean meats, including beef, chicken, and turkey. It also contains more iron than beef and chicken, which is extremely important for a healthy, balanced diet (and for pregnant or nursing women!)

Sustainable and Ethical

Compared to other animals (especially with meats that are shipped), the carbon footprint of goat is very low. Because goats are foragers, they get rid of weeds, brush, and other bad stuff that keep good plants from growing. Combined with the fact that they are usually raised on smaller, sustainable farms, this makes goat a very environmentally conscious species.

In addition, eating goat meat could be considered to be ethical when you consider that most male goats are usually killed at birth since only the females produce milk. Raising male goats for meat would allow them a significantly longer life span.

Goat Tastes Great

We get asked often about the taste of chevon, and our answer is always the same: it tastes great! Closest to beef in comparison, goat has a mild flavor that pairs well with a variety of other spicy and sour foods. When raised to its ideal age before slaughter and cooked to perfection, goat has a tender texture and a taste that’s not gamey. This makes it one of the most versatile and fun meats for both professional and amateur cooks to experiment with! Some of the most popular dishes containing chevon include: goat pie, goat stew, and even goat meat burgers.

Delicious, sustainable, and healthy, it’s no wonder that goat is already a staple in many parts of the globe, currently consumed by approximately 63% of the world’s population and recently making its way onto the menus of many upscale American restaurants.

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